Monday, 1 July 2013

Time for Tea

My sister Jo gave us the tea set her girls have now outgrown so whilst Ethan was in bed last night I set up an invitation to play .  I used a muslin as a makeshift tablecloth on his small table and then set up the tea set.  I added coloured lolly sticks and pom poms from the craft supplies.  When I'd finished it looked so tempting I wanted to have a play myself!

When Ethan woke up and saw the table he was very excited. He ran straight over and began placing one pom pom in each teacup.  Then he took them out and filled the teapot with pom poms.  He used the lolly sticks to get the pom poms out from the bottom of the teapot when they got stuck.  Then he made me a cup of tea and some breakfast (filling a saucer with pom poms and giving me a lolly stick "spoon". Then Ethan made lots of dinners for me and gave me a lolly stick knife, spoon and fork to eat them with before placing the crockery and cutlery in the "washing up" on the sofa.  Ethan continued this game for two hours.  It was wonderful to see his imagination sparked and be included in his imaginative play.  

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