Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Power of Pets

With the beautiful weather we have been having, we have spent two mornings outside in the garden this week so far.  We have recently acquired more guinea pigs (bringing our total to four) and it has been lovely for the children to feed and observe them.  I loved having pets as a child and I know Ethan and the other children get so much from our furry friends.  All the children love the cats but the cats take time to build up trust.  When the children have shown they can be calm, quiet and controlled they will be rewarded with Simba letting them stroke her.  The guinea pigs are much more nervous but when the children are quiet and still they can watch them nibble on some pepper, drink a bit of water, clean themselves and chase each other around their hutch.  I love how calming it can be to have pets around.  They teach children to be still and gentle sometimes before returning back to the crash bang wallop of childhood!